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Vanilla Mint Chamomile


This delicious Vanilla Chamomile Tea is blended with light Peppermint and red Rooibos. Naturally non-caffeinated, it’s a perfect tisane for relaxation after dinner or right before bedtime.

Caffeine level: none

Flavor notes: smooth, minty, lightly sweet


Here is a calmingly sweet blend for your taste buds. Our delicious Vanilla Mint Chamomile tea includes a touch of light peppermint with a blend of red rooibos. Naturally non-caffeinated, it is a perfect after-dinner tisane or pre-bedtime nightcap.

This chamomile tea offers the perfect touch of vanilla, so it’s great for sweet-lovers who want to avoid the sugar rush. Experience a relaxing sleep after a warm, delicious cup of Vanilla Mint Chamomile.


To prepare this chamomile tea, add one teaspoon of the blend to a teacup, then pour over it eight ounces of freshly boiled purified water. Lastly, steep for three to five minutes. It can be resteeped up to two more times.


Organic Chamomile, Organic Red Rooibos, Organic Canadian Hemp Seed, Organic Peppermint, Organic Vanilla Extract Powder


All of our teas are hand-blended with organic, natural, and wild-crafted ingredients and hemp seed containing 0.00% THC. Hemp seed is a superfood with nourishing protein, anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids supporting mood and memory, and 20 amino acids supporting metabolic and immune systems.

Hemp Kettle Tea Company’s organic blends can help support a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Health Warning:

You must consult your healthcare provider before use. Regular Terms and conditions applied.

FDA Statement:

Hemp Kettle Tea Company’s organic herbs, spices, and hemp seed extracts are not intended to diagnose, nor treat, cure or then prevent any disease.

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Weight 8 oz

16 oz. / 454 g., 8 oz. / 227 g., 4 oz. / 112 g., 2 oz. / 56 g., 1 oz. / 28 g., Sample 14 g.


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