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People worldwide have been drinking teas for centuries, and they are drinking for a good reason. Studies have shown that a variety of this drink may boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, even ward off certain incurable diseases like cancer, and can vastly improve cardiovascular health.

While some brews provide more health advantages than others, there’s plenty of evidence that regular intake can have a lasting impact on your wellness.

Prepare your kettles, cups, or mugs because we’re sharing some of the most significant benefits of this awesome and unique hot drink.

Health benefit of Green, Black, and White teas

Tea is a name given to many brews, but purists only consider green, black, white, oolong, and Pu-erh tea to be the real thing. They are all derived from the Camellia sinensis plant, a shrub native to China and India. This plant contains flavonoids, of which the most potent is ECGC, which helps fight free radicals that contribute to cancer, heart diseases, and clogged arteries.

All of these brews (except herbal, as described below) contain caffeine and theanine, which can help heighten mental alertness and boost the immune system. The more processed the leaves, the fewer polyphenols they may have. 

Here is what expert studies have found about the potential health benefits of this awesome and unique drink:


Comprised of steamed leaves, green tea contains a high concentration of EGCG and is studied widely. Its antioxidant contents may interfere with the growth of bladder, breast, lung, stomach, pancreatic, and colorectal cancers.

It can help unclog arteries, reduce fat, relieve stress, and alleviate depression and anxiety. It can also help reduce harmful cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.


Made with fermented tea leaves, black tea contains the highest caffeine content. It forms the base tea for flavored variants like chai, along with some instant teas. Studies show that black tea protects the lungs from exposure to prolonged cigarette smoke. It also helps reduce the risk of having a stroke.


Mostly uncured and unfermented and used as fresh leaves. A study shows that white tea has the most potent anti-cancer properties compared to more processed teas.


An animal study shows that those who have taken oolong as part of their diet have shown to have lower levels of bad cholesterol in their bloodstream. 


Crafted from fermented and aged leaves, Pu-erh is considered a black variant and is mainly pressed into cakes. A study shows it can increase weight loss and lessen high levels of bad cholesterol.

Now let us take a look at the herbal side of things and see what the other type of teas provides to one’s well-being…

Health benefit of Herbal teas

Herbal teas are from different sources like herbs, fruits, seeds, or roots. It is steeped in hot water as its preparation and can often be used for one or more steeping. It contains lesser levels of antioxidants versus green tea and other tea family counterparts. The composition of any tea blend varies greatly depending on the plants and herbs used, and by nature, all strictly herbal teas are caffeine free.


Chamomile is known to contain antioxidants that help reduce high blood sugar level complications, loss of vision, nerve and kidney damage, and reduce cancerous cells’ production.


Echinacea refers to a group of flowering plants native to North America. Although there are nine species of this plant, only three are herbal and use as ingredients for supplements.

The plant’s upperparts and roots are necessary ingredients in tablets, tinctures, extracts, and teas. It contains active compounds that help fight diseases and reduce inflammations. As well as generally being helpful for boosting the immune system naturally. 


A study shows that drinking hibiscus-crafted hot drink can help significantly lower blood pressure levels.

Rooibos or Red Tea

Rooibos tends to grow naturally in the South African region and is made through fermentation. It shows a potential anti-cancer property and has a high level of flavonoids.

Is tea a good choice for you?

Generally, most are safe as long as you know which teas you are consuming and any sort of ingredients. The upside is that it is natural and organic and often subject to minimal processing or additives.

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