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Reusable Tea Bag


Strong and durable! Easy to use and reuse over and over again!

Discoloration is normal, cleaning is easy.

Reuse, reduce, and enjoy a new tea ritual at home!

Great for brewing small cups, pots, and half gallon mason jars.





Reusable Tea Bag

Our reusable tea bags are perfect with our organic teas, herbs, and spices blended with hemp seed. These teabags are crafted with strong and durable material. This helps reduce waste by reusing materials while enjoying our organic herbal teas!

A tea bag is a small, porous, sealed bag or packet, typically containing tea leaves, which is immersed in water to steep and make an infusion. Originally used only for tea (Camellia sinensis), they are now made with other tisanes as well.

Teabags are commonly made of filter paper or food-grade plastic, or occasionally of silk cotton or silk. The tea bag performs the same function as a tea infuser. Teabags can be used multiple times until there is no extraction left. Some tea bags have an attached piece of string with a paper label at the top that assists in removing the bag, while also displaying the brand or variety of tea.

How to Clean

Our reusable teabags can be hand-washed. Using water and with a little dishwashing liquid, then a quick rinse under the tap. Line dry. For a deeper clean, soak the tea bag for a few hours in vinegar and water(apple cider or white vinegar)by adding 1 part vinegar then two parts water.

Best enjoyed with our wide selection of herbal teas like Mellow Mint, Cardamom Thai Tea, and Spiced Lemon Gingeric.

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Weight 8 oz

Half Oz., Full Oz., Two Oz.


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